About Us

SolveTechNow.com is a technology blog that provides solutions to challenges experienced day-to-day in the use of computing technology.

This site was founded in January 2022 by John Mwaniki, a tech enthusiast and a software and web developer by profession. John is a graduate of Bsc Information Technology.

Having been actively using computers and related technologies for over a decade, we have learned a thing or two through experience, which we believe could be of great help to someone out there.

It's our innate passion to share our knowledge and skills with others. We break down complex topics and explain them in the simplest way possible.

We mostly focus on how-to guides, troubleshooting articles, tips and tricks on Windows OS, Linux distros, social media, Internet, computer applications, and anything related to computer technology.

Our goal is to write thousands of articles covering a wide array of tech-related topics to ensure that no one has to suffer due to a lack of solutions to their tech problems.