How to rotate selections in GIMP

Making selections is an essential part of image editing and graphic design. It involves choosing a specific area or object within an image, which can then be ma... Read More

How to Replace a Color in an Image using GIMP

Color is an essential element of graphic design that has the ability to communicate a message, trigger emotions, and impact how people receive and perceive info... Read More

How to Add a Border Outline to Text in GIMP

Outlining text is a simple yet effective way to make your text stand out and draw attention to it. This involves adding a border of a different color around all... Read More

[Complete Guide]: How to Create Curved Text in GIMP

Curved text can be a useful and perfect feature when designing logos, banners, and other graphics that require a creative touch. While GIMP is one of the most p... Read More

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fill Text with Images in GIMP

In the world of graphic design, text and images are two fundamental elements that work together to create powerful visual messages. But what if you could take ... Read More

How to draw straight lines in GIMP

Drawing straight lines is an essential part of graphic design, photo editing, and digital art projects. This is especially important when you want to create pre... Read More

How to create your custom patterns in GIMP

In GIMP, a pattern is a graphic design element that can be used to fill areas of an image or create a background. Patterns are commonly used in graphic design a... Read More

How to work with patterns in GIMP 2.10

Patterns are a versatile design element that can be used in many ways for graphic design. A pattern is essentially a small image or texture that can be repeated... Read More

How to turn a photo into a pencil sketch in GIMP 2.10

A pencil sketch is a drawing made with a pencil on paper, typically using a combination of lines, shading, and hatching to create a representation of a subject.... Read More

How to blur the image background in GIMP

Blurring an image is the act of making it appear less sharp and clear by reducing the contrast between adjacent pixels. The process of blurring an image involve... Read More
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