How to show folder size in Windows 10 File Explorer

Every file or folder on your computer takes up a specific size of the computer's storage space. This space may vary greatly from bytes to Gigabytes (GBs) depend... Read More

How to Draw a Hexagon Shape in GIMP

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How to hide or auto-hide the top bar in Ubuntu

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How to set automatic WiFi shutdown at night on Huawei router

Some people have a tendency of turning off their home WiFi network at night and turning it on again in the morning. Some do it as a way to cut down the prolonge... Read More

How to open applications automatically on Ubuntu startup

As a regular computer user, you will find yourself using some applications much more frequently than others. This may be due to work requirements to use those a... Read More

[Solved] Drag and drop not working in Ubuntu 19.04 & 20.04

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Understanding File Format Compatibility in Modern Office Software

File format compatibility is an essential aspect of modern office software, impacting everything from document sharing to presentation quality. The PDF is widel... Read More

How to enable sending of high quality images on WhatsApp

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How to change the login password for Huawei HG8546M router

If you have Internet installed at your home or office and have a router, it most likely has a web-based management portal where you can log into and manage the ... Read More

How to install µTorrent in Ubuntu 22.04

In this article, you will learn through an easy step-by-step process how to download, install and launch µTorrent software on Ubuntu 22.04. µTorrent... Read More
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