[Solved] Drag and drop not working in Ubuntu 19.04 & 20.04
  John   |     30 Sep 2022

[Solved] Drag and drop not working in Ubuntu 19.04 & 20.04

Dragging and dropping files from the file manager to different applications is a great functionality that makes work easier and saves time.

Drag and drop may be especially necessary when uploading files to a website (with a drag and drop option) or when opening them with their respective applications such as image editors(images), text-editor(code files eg. php, html files), video player(videos & audios), etc.

However, you may get frustrated when you migrate to Ubuntu 19.04 or a later version for there has been a known issue with the drag and drop feature. I personally experienced this issue when I migrated from Linux Mint 17.3 to Ubuntu 19.04. The issue continued to exist even after upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04.

The problem is that when you drag a file or files from the file manager over to an application icon in the taskbar, that application does not open to allow you to drop files into it.

After a lot of stress and research on how to resolve the issue(which didn't really work in my case), I figured out a very easy way to still do it.

Here is the solution:

Note: I made these screenshots in Ubuntu 20.04 but the functionality is still the same for Ubuntu 19.04.

Step 1: Left-click on the file that you want to drag(or select the files and left-click on them if they are several) and hold the left-click button.

Ubuntu drag & drop problem

Step 2: Press the keyboard ALT key and hold it too. Press the TAB key, a pop-up will appear on the screen with a list of all the open applications

Ubuntu 19.04 drag & drop

Step 3: Navigate through these applications by pressing and releasing the TAB key while still holding the left-click button and ALT key.

Step 4: Once your application of choice is selected, release both the ALT and TAB keys and drag the files to the desired section of the active application.

Drag and drop solution in ubuntu

Step 5: Release the left-click button, just as you would with the normal dragging.

Solved ubuntu 20.04 drag & drop

That's it!

Now you can comfortably bypass and get rid of the drag and drop problem in Ubuntu.