How to hide or auto-hide the top bar in Ubuntu

The top bar in Ubuntu is a thin horizontal strip that spans all the way from left to right at the top of the computer screen. It by default has a black backgrou... Read More

How to Stop Skype From Opening on Startup in Ubuntu Linux

When you install Skype on your Ubuntu Linux PC, it registers itself as a startup application and will by default automatically open every time you boot your mac... Read More

How to change an app icon in Ubuntu

In computing, an icon is a small graphical representation of a program, file, or feature displayed on a computer screen as a way to help the user easily navigat... Read More

[Solved] Drag and drop not working in Ubuntu 19.04 & 20.04

Dragging and dropping files from the file manager to different applications is a great functionality that makes work easier and saves time. Drag and drop may be... Read More

How to open applications automatically on Ubuntu startup

As a regular computer user, you will find yourself using some applications much more frequently than others. This may be due to work requirements to use those a... Read More

How to pin or unpin apps on the Ubuntu Favorites bar

In this article, you will learn how to add applications to the Ubuntu Favorites bar, how to resize and rearrange them on the bar, and how to remove them. The F... Read More

How to enable single-click to open files and folders in Ubuntu

Ubuntu's File Manager (Nautilus), is by default set to have files and folders opened by double-clicking on them. On the other hand, single-clicking just selects... Read More

How to change mouse speed/sensitivity in Ubuntu 20.04

Having a slow mouse speed can be very annoying. It makes moving your mouse/touchpad only to move the pointer/cursor for a very short distance. In such a case yo... Read More

How to change Timezone on Ubuntu 20.04

The timezone is automatically set on your computer when installing Ubuntu OS based on your current location. However, there may be instances where you may need ... Read More

How to check RAM and HDD/SSD size in Ubuntu Linux

Knowing your computer's specifications is very important as they greatly affect its capabilities and performance. If for any reason you don't know your PC's spe... Read More
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