How to view saved WiFi passwords on Windows PC
  John   |     23 May 2023

How to view saved WiFi passwords on Windows PC

After connecting to a WiFi network for the first time, your device saves its password. It automatically connects to the network without asking you for the password when you get to the proximity of the WiFi in subsequent times. This is as long as the WiFi SSID or its password has not been changed over time.

After a long period of getting access automatically to the network, you are bound to forget the password if you are not the WiFi owner.

Since each device must be connected to the WiFi network using a password for the very first time, you may get yourself in a scenario where you have an extra device or are in the company of a friend who has a device that has never been connected to the network. In such a case, you will need to know the password in order to connect the new device(s).

If your Windows PC is already connected to the WiFi, you don't have to ask for the password again.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to check the WiFi password for a network you are already connected to on your Windows PC.

I will be using Windows 10 for demonstration purposes though the process is very similar to other Windows versions.

How to check saved WiFi password on Windows

Step 1 Right-click on the WiFi icon at the bottom-right corner on the taskbar. Then click on the "Open Network & Internet settings" option.

Opening Windows network and internet settings

Step 2 Under the "Change your network settings" section, click on the "Change adapter options".

Change adapter options

Step 3 All the network connections will be listed down. Right-click on the wifi connection that you want to view its password. Then click on the "Status" option from the context menu.

Checking WiFi network status on Windows

Step 4 Click on the "Wireless Properties" button on the pop-up window.

Viewing wireless network properties

Step 5 Navigate to the "Security" tab, then check/tick the "Show characters" checkbox. The WiFi password will be shown in the network security key checkbox. You can now copy it or note it down somewhere for use on another device then close all the windows.

Viewing WiFi password on Windows

Checking saved WiFi password via command prompt

Alternatively, you can quickly show the WiFi password using a one-line command on the command prompt.

Step 1: Open the command prompt. You can do that quickly by pressing the Windows key and then typing "cmd".

Opening command prompt on Windows

Step 2: Type the command below in your command prompt and hit enter. Replace "WifiName" in the command with the name of the WiFi you want to view its password.

netsh wlan show profiles name=WifiName key=clear

You will see a list of information about the WiFi network as shown below.

WiFi network info via command prompt

Scroll down to the section titled "Security settings". You will see the WiFi password with the label "Key Content".

WiFi password on cmd security settings

That's all for this tutorial!

Those are the two ways in which you can check the WiFi password on Windows for a network that your PC is already connected to.